I’m Dean and I exist.

Every day I wake up I still find it amazing that I can figuratively reach inside myself and bring into being something that wasn’t there before — whether it be a painting, photo, design, paper airplane, sand castle, or semi-coherent, introspective rambling. This act of leaving a unique mark, a personal social commentary, fascinates and excites me.

Way back when, I used to think you were self-absorbed. Then I got to know you a little better and decided you were just a really curious person who isn’t afraid to be fascinated with yourself.
—Dean’s Friend

I feel there’s just not enough time in a day to learn all the things that I want to know, create all the things I want to make, and do all the things that I want to do. I am passionately curious.

My hobbies, as listed in Fancy Pants magazine, are “hammock lounging, street skipping, pushing buttons, and throwing paint.” Though he also enjoys diggin’ in dirt, asking too many questions, debating debate tactics, epistemology, cold brew coffee, and burritos. Like every man worth his mettle, he enjoys having fun, loves to laugh, enjoys trying new things.