Love Birds

MediumVarious SurfaceBristol Year2021 ArtistDAEthington

On a beautiful, calm Sunday I was lucky enough to spend some time creating art alongside a pretty special person. I wanted to help her relax, unwind, and selfishly share in something I love.

I had a plan for her to create ever-larger paintings beginning with the tiniest canvas. She was painting an image of birds at the ocean and became so transfixed I never had a chance to offer the next size up.

I began sketching the birds as well, mainly as an attempt to show her how I break down the structure of the figure. It evolved into playing around with some different mediums and styles.

Overall, the day was perfect. A sense of
geborgenheit washed over me. And I could not help but smile.

*Geborgenheit is considered untranslatable into English. It represents different things, feelings of comfort, security, and love in a romantic relationship, the openness, and honesty you feel when with a close friend, or the familiarity and warmth one gets from eating home-cooked food when they return to their childhood home.

For me, I like: the general sense and peaceful security in life; the feeling of comfort when you are in a place where you feel yourself and where you can trust both yourself and others.