The Raven

MediumAcrylic + Oil Pastel + Ink SurfaceStretched Canvas Size11x14 in Year2020 ArtistDAEthington

The Raven was a super fun piece to dive into. It was made with love for some good friends as a huge thank you for all they’ve done for me over the years. I again dove into reusing the acrylic paint I rescued that would have otherwise headed to landfills. Accenting with oil pastels and splashing India ink along the way.

Its creation was bittersweet. I have never intentionally parted with a painting before. I have found every sketch, doodle, painting, to be so very personal, that I have selfishly hung on to them all. Afraid that if it left, I would never see it again. That said, I love that I feel confident in my art enough that people would want it as a gift. This just might be the beginning of a whole new chapter.