The Rhino

MediumAcrylic + Oil Pastel + Ink SurfaceStretched Canvas Size16x20 in Year2019 ArtistDAEthington

I just love this image so much. I sketched it back in 2018 as a sketch-a-day. And I knew even then I eventually wanted to bring it to life in a painting.

I have to give credit to my fantastic art partner, Jenny for not only getting us together to create but arming us with fantastic bloody marys. We both spent the entire day painting, critiquing each other’s work, and having a fantastic time.

I once again up-cycled house paint I liberated from my local hardware store that would have otherwise been a resident of my local landfill. And intermixed India ink and oil pastels to give it a more organic look. I have been experimenting with style on my last few paintings, but this was the first of this series that just ‘clicked.’ This painting also began and was completed in a single day.