Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989) – [subtitled]
For the next few weeks I’ll be watching all the Studio Ghibli films. Some again, some for the first time.

The fact that this came out right after ‘Grave of Fireflies’, shows the amazing range of Studio Ghibli and hints at the masterpieces yet to come.

This film is not only artistically beautiful, but also thematically. It is a fantastic, uplifting, coming-of-age adventure in which a most loveable, delightful young girl must figure out the world on her own. Like Totoro there are no villains, and for the most part, nor external problem to overcome. There is just a girl from the country and her hilarious cat, now in a bustling city trying to find
her path, create friends, and for better and worse, handle the responsibilities of her new life. It’s simple and it’s perfect.