Desperation, hope, religion, judgment, generosity and fear.

A powerful documentary that centers on a pastor who offers destitute people a place to stay who are flocking to North Dakota desperate for work.

It’s an excellent documentary that will leave you with much to ponder. Personally, a few things stood out among them all. What does it mean to be a community? Where is that line between love and fear? How do we, as a society, treat our weakest, most desperate, but potentially dangerous brothers and sisters? The answers lie somewhere in our inner morality.

This quote also hit me pretty hard.

“It doesn’t matter what good a person does. Even if they are a hero today, five years down the road that’s buried somewhere. That’s not on their “record”, all that’s on their “record” that stays with them throughout their life is the negative stuff. And it’s sad because that’s how you’re judged.”

Side note: There are some spoilery things out there, so don’t google too hard.