A Facebook Post:

I love you all, but if you are only talking to those in your bubble who agree with you, you are missing an opportunity to understand and have someone who disagrees with you, understand as well.

As soon as someone on here argues with you, or things get heated, don’t yell back, don’t unfriend. Perhaps consider asking them to chat over the phone. And really listen. I have a feeling it’ll be a more productive interaction.

*Edit: I understand this topic is more nuanced than my original post implies. Interactions on social media can lead to conversations and revelations of someone’s true colors. You then have to take a hard look at that relationship and decide the level at which you care for them. For some, acquaintances can be dropped easily. For me however, I have, and will, probably again let people go from my life. But if were me, I’d want that phone call first. I want to understand.