Originally posted to my DnD group:

I want to reiterate all the sentiment about this last meeting and thank Jeff for being proactive in getting us to open up about our issues. Now, I’m not necessarily a social person and as you all probably know, I definitely have introverted tendencies. What you might not know is I’m never comfortable in social situations and I use every ounce of my being to hide that fact. From everyone. I’m only admitting this because in this game I’ve found a great love and affection in losing myself through bringing to life this character that I’ve spent hours crafting. I yearn to forget about Dean for a while and drop myself into the life of Syn the sorcerer.

I love you guys as people, that said, when I become him and get to escape with you all as other characters, I am blissfully happy. My life, I feel, is in this weird tiresome limbo right now, so leaving that behind, going on epic adventures, embracing dreams, and stimulating my imagination alongside some of the best people I know, well it’s the highlight of my month. I guess I just wanted you all to know that so you don’t think I’m being bossy or demanding about wanting to play more.