When it comes to artists and entertainers, whom we do not know personally, do we condemn them because of their personal lives? Do we burn albums, reject films, boycott TV shows, and destroy paintings from individuals who had a hand in their creations? Ones that have made choices in their personal lives that we don’t agree with? Or worse, unlawful, heinous, deplorable? And what about people behind the scenes? Harvey Weinstein produced a great many fantastic films, do we remove those from repeat viewings and recommendations because of his involvement?

So, when we say we miss them or love these artists, do we mean the person or the artist? Well, we don’t usually know the person, we only know the artist. And a lot of fantastic art is created from deeply troubled individuals. But we do have an obstacle, supporting their art while they are alive is supporting them as a person. That said, do a few choices we make in a certain part of our lives define us? Stain us forever? So, take John Lennon, and his wife-beating and deadbeat dad allegations. Could he not have changed with age? Could he not have learned, like so many, from his mistakes? Did he die without that chance? Him and his art condemned for eternity? How much do we actually know about people’s innermost struggles? Enough to pass conclusive judgment? What is that threshold that makes someone a ‘bad’ person? Are we judging celebrities differently? Why?