I wrote a few years ago about my, now discarded, “Comfortable Hermit” theory.

We need these relationships just as much as we need to be our own person. Humans are social creatures, interaction was and is essential to our evolution. A hermit is not complete. They are missing a part of what it is to be human. Whether it through happenstance or just my bullheadedness, my heart has lived the life of a hermit. He is strong on his own, yet waits for the day he doesn’t have to be.

I took that new perspective to heart, but more so in the dating arena. I feel I also need to be more proactive in the friend realm as well. It’s been a difficult year in both. And it’s why I’ll still be continuing 2015’s project, dating friends for the foreseeable future.

Last year’s project fell flat after a fantastic beginning with a trip across the country that spawned no other ventures. That intriguing, yet odd companion I discovered in New York had an aura about her that was very seductive, but I came to discover there was also a harshness and bitterness underneath it all. As always, while I could have handled things better and I do not regret my time with them. I learned a lot about myself, even if in the end I was left baffled, and relieved it was over.

I joined a game design company last year, as their art director, art producer, and web designer. I feel optimistic about this new opportunity, only time will tell if we can come together as a team and succeed where so many start-ups fail.

So now here I am. The same house I was in almost 14 years ago. Still single, abet with a lot more first dates under my belt. At least I know better who I am and what I want. And, with the help of dating websites and apps, I discovered I live in a very poor area to find the people I want to date. Constantly driving miles from here to meet up with new people. So I’m seriously considering a move. Right now, probably Long Beach. But really to wherever I can get a new job, because freelancing is rough, I almost have enough to make it work, but even there I’d be making a fraction of what I’d make working for someone full-time.