Sometimes I just hate talking. I’ll think of something to say and yet when I go to speak it, I’ll babble out some nonsense along with the occasional slurring and stuttering before I can get out my disjointed thought. I swear sometimes I feel like I’ve been slipped a drug wherein the place in my brain that controls speech has decided to take a 3-day cruise to Barbados.

Maybe it’s too many art classes and not enough real classes. You know, the ones in which you have to buy books and take tests. Maybe I’m just missing some of the debates and arguments I used to have with my old buddies that were always so much fun. I’m always looking to find a way to keep my mind stimulated — but the best way is simply talking to people.

Since moving back here (from Tempe) I’ve been missing those great conversations with friends who have intelligent and thought-provoking topics to discuss. The ones in which you spend five hours having discussions on intense stuff like the meaning of life, interesting stuff like time travel and ridiculous stuff like the best candy bar ever. The same ones where no matter what, you always end up learning something, solidify friendships and have a blast doing it.

Oh well. As always, in search of inspiration, stimulation, and a different point-of-view.