Wow! How special am I? Both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Warren Beatty called me today! They wanted to tell little ol’ me to vote! And of course I will, because the future of the world depends on it.

Now the problem arises when each actor is asking me to vote a different way. Damn. Do I vote for what Arnie believes or Mr. Beatty? Sigh. I love how we are expected to blindly follow the word of someone just because they are a celebrity. But then how else did Arnie become our governor? I truly think people really thought, ”Haha, hey, wouldn’t it be cool/strange/funny if Arnold Schwarzenegger was our governor?” And then voted for him. How sad we’ve become as a nation. I mean I’m not a hardcore C-Span watcher, but when I vote, I’ll take a ten-minute break from my Hulk Hogan reality show and look up the propositions to see what my potentially meaningless votes actually mean.

It’s funny and sad how it seemed even in the ’60s and ’70s when kids were flying high on all sorts of drugs and having sex with any naked person that walked by them at the party, that they still managed to hold huge demonstrations and were very much involved in the politics of the time. I just don’t see that kind of spirit in today’s apathetic youth. Although, maybe there are some who still care, the ones hiding in basements having livid debates on these new propositions or even having secret C-Span parties (with gift bags of course). *sigh* I can only hope.

Bah, who am I kidding? I don’t care either. Hulk Hogan is back on; someone pass me a beer.

See ya at the polls.


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