I need your help.

I need YOU to draw a robot!

Specifically a line drawing of a full-bodied robot from the front. No gradients. No color.

Take 5 seconds, take 5 weeks. Create a robot from your imagination or draw your favorite from fiction.

I do not care if you “can’t even draw stick figures”. I want you to try. Please.

I will be compiling these drawings into brand-new art pieces.
Exactly what it turns out to be is dependent on what I get from you!

Everyone who submits a robot drawing will get a hand-screened print of the final design!

Robot is a black & white line drawing. No gradients. No color.
Robot is full-bodied (not just a head, unless your robot really is only a head).
Robot is facing forward, a front profile.
Robot is not drawn microscopic. (minimum: 3in x 2in area)

You can mail me your drawing at ████████
You can email me your (high-res JPG) drawing at ████████
You can hand off the drawing if you live in the area.

Please include YOUR address if you want a hand-made print.

Your robot is not guaranteed to make it into the final design(s).

Pass this invite along to EVERYONE you know!!!

Thanks to everyone in advance!


The Final Product!


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