Day 1: Driving through the nothingness with my mom. Randall Flagg. Playing carnivorous littlest pet shop with my niece. Toys R Us. Gambling with Adam West’s Batman’s money. Drunken senior citizen line cutters. Django my balls. Sushi & beer. The fantastic music of the Sunset Station. Caffeine + booze. Old people shuffle-dancing to Jimi Hendrix. Failing to Colonize alien worlds. Brought to you in part by the amazing Pete & Barbara. 3am. So tired. — in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Day 2: Egg Works Omelette. Django unleashed. Listened to Gravity. Hung with Terry Fator and his gang. Shot some friends and godfathers. Bet on the camel races. Five minutes of giant-sized hockey. Cheesecake stuffed chocolate strawberries overloads pleasure neurons. Fantastic homemade dinner. Witness to a drive-by PS4 purchasing. Date with Pete. Realized that Pete is actually me from another reality. Existential chats. Birth of improv art workshops. Del taco. 315am. Pooped. — in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Day 3: M-O-O-N spells Day 3. Raiding of a library for breakfast. Thai and green tea infused date with Barbara. The apathy and futility of caring vs the arrogance of altruism and changing the world. No more shirtless Dean because No More Kings. Fake name liquor dude. Fixed racetrack for Spider-Man. BBQ meat slaughterhouse. Taylor. Dave. Raphael. Tony Robbins. Zappos dot com represents. Buffalo Trace in my veins. Not my pizza delivery. Dressed as a dame, my train heist went terribly wrong. The new voice of Donald Duck struggles to emerge. Peanut butter Crunch nightcap. Highs and lows of online dating. Revisionists love history with a little help from Facebook chat. Introduction to a chewed up Alchemist. 1230am. Headachy. — in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Day 4: The Stand ends. Oh yeah yello lipstick with Michael J. Fox. Wandered through the Mirage of bells and chimes with my wallet intact. Stepped in to the Pantry for some noontime breakfast. Django: Live in Concert. Laid on a couch for more relationship introspection with Barbara. Cured four diseases and saved the world from a pandemic with a little help from my friend. Went Topless to Mandalay Bay. A quick farewell. Phase two begins. Oakley reunited. Shake Shack sans shake. Secret pizza revealed. Wandered to Aria. The Walking Dead takes a twenty dollar sized bite. Explored my future Tropicana dwellings. Assisted a wheel of fortune. Clocked our journey back to my new home base, the bay of Mandalay, at twenty minutes. 1122pm. Drugs equal sleep. — in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Day 5: Tram down! .6 miles for twelve dollars. Insights from the future today. Swag collection competition. Mocktinis, deceitful smoothies pretending they are something they are not. Future Lesson1: Coming to work after four beers AND only four hours sleep you have a 50/50 chance of being fired. But you are definitely a hard worker! Future Lesson2: Lardass websites need a performance diet from their inception. Baby PBR. Buffet debate at a buffet. Future Lesson3: Ironically, the data shows ‘Schlimmbesserung’ is the perfect online dating profile name. Future Lesson4: Base my website design on the complexity of the universe and build it with Legos. Beach ball soccer. Stella x5. Drnk. Curse peeps. Wandering the Venetian. Pizza. Beer. Wine. Anchovies was a bad choice. Serendipity. Tryst. HP. Dance dance dance. Dancing machine. Drnk Drnk. Poof. Back at my bed. Passed out. 5am. Awake. Shit. Good night. — in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Day 6: Too soon. A starbuck breakfast half consumed. More Future Insights. Internet of things. How to price creativity. Tired. Morning lessons lost due to exhaustion. Why to move to Vegas. A group of psychologists agree: I am Iron Man. The irrationality of resentment of salary sharing. Body normalizing. Lesson5: The death of CSS; long live…I have no idea. Lesson6: Monetize your problem solving techniques. An unexpected love letter. Lesson7: Images are big and dumb, but websites kinda need them. Lesson8: Invent your life & Free yourself. Bonus lesson: Eat less meat. Fator’s Rainbow Connection got me. A quick and bittersweet goodbye to Pete and Barbara. Trek back to my bed. 11:25pm. Deliriously exhausted. — in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Day 7: Pastries and coffee. Jibber-jabber. Lesson9: Don’t be a jerk, especially to your stupid coworkers. Coffee flavored notes. Lesson10: Spy on your target audience with Instagram. Lesson11: Your smart phone is not polite. Lesson12: Prepare, adapt, survive. Cupid call. Lesson13: Our future depends on playing games. Lesson14: Content is dumb until we designers display it smartly. Lesson15: Streaming data is the live conscious thinking of the world. My disgust of buffets reaches new heights. That chocolate chip cookie tho. Room bound. Time builds on time. Abandon. Words fly to different destinations. Some return in kind. Connection lost. Star crossed speaks. 120am. Numb. — in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Day 8: The days of future are past. Buffet breakfast. Blah. That pineapple juice tho. We are the departed. Wise Man’s Fears chronicled. Traveling via ice box. Stranded at Green River. Hey look, a Starbucks. Super mom to the rescue. Hey, it’s my house! Bye house! Fullerton Art Walk! Happy birthday! I thought you were in Vegas x134. A Mulberry homecoming! Sinatra love documented. Home. Baby talk. My names revealed. 115am. Happy.

Final lesson: Love every little moment you are in, for they are your life.