2021 Dean: This was written for me by a close friend, now lost. I means a lot to me and I enjoyed it immensely. I wish to share it here.

Stirring before your curious posture, is a world. You know it well enough. You have long recognized it, defined it, explored it, and loved it. Dear, you held it close and manipulated it. You sought yourself in it, all the while letting it slowly carry you adrift to other thoughts of wonderment. Peacefully adrift. Recklessly adrift. You conquered the furious winds like a warrior. You then laid on your back with ease and felt the calm after the victory. But you do not gloat in your peace. You dismissed the glory because you are not a warrior. You are not a savage beast on a mission to captivate other’s thoughts. You are an explorer. Do you know how beautiful that is?

Your goal in life, remains unfulfilled. Perhaps you never really focused on the goal. True explorers let the curiosity carry their hearts to distant places. Perhaps you never really knew what the goal was. True explorers are driven to seek, even at the cost of their lost goals. Perhaps there is no such thing as a life goal. Perhaps there is no such thing as a true explorer. Yet, you seek. You tread the difficult path, despite the small rewards that tempt and distract you on occasion. You move forward, one step at a time. Do you know how amazing that is?

So you seek beauty? Look at the blinding intensity that pours out of everything you touch! You seek wisdom? Feel the peaceful breath you exhale once you stumble on the best of your intricately settled thoughts! You seek reality, passion, and love? Understand, that you already have it. Dear, you give it as easily as you breathe. You give it selflessly. You give it naturally. Do you know how much I admire you for that?

Stirring before your curious posture, is another world. This is my world; it’s chaos. But the wavelengths of light, in which we view all the beauty before us, are of the same spectrum. And the way that we process these visual realities are similarly compartmentalized in our respective beings. And the way that we internalize our own worlds, makes us shed the same tears. Do you know how beautiful that is? Do you know how amazingly beautiful, and inspiring that is?

We all drift away into the slumber of non-realities from time to time. But we all wake up from the same dream. The exact, same dream. We all wake up and find ourselves inside our own caves, comfortably shielded from the treacherous and mysterious worlds outside.

I love you because when you awake, you crawl out to explore them. I love you because you understand that no one can really understand another’s cave, but you seek to find it nonetheless. You seek to be there, just to breathe it in! You don’t even care what you will find! You’re just following your drive to explore. Do you know how fascinating that is?