my wednesday night.
back at skool. one last time.
with an awesome mech pencil and triskets.

So there I sat for a combined 12 hours over 3 days in a lecture hall at Fullerton College. Listening. Sketching. Inspired. As is the design of this seminar I found myself in. Enter Marshall Vandruff’s composition class, a breakdown of the structure of pictures and how the great masters sometimes spent more time composing their infamous paintings than they did actually painting them. (Those thumbnails you see are my attempts to breakdown and understand the works of these great masters)

When my boss mentioned she would fund a few of us to take this seminar I jumped at it eagerly knowing Marshall and his teachings are the best around. I wasn’t disappointed; I have left with even a richer understanding of the great masters’ work and art as a whole. Even though this class focuses more towards the illustrator, if you’re an artist of any kind, from a poet to a film director you could not help but benefit tremendously from his teachings. Also, any and all lovers of art, art theory, art history, and art in nature would absolutely love this class. Looking back I think I should have composed my thoughts a little better in this blog. Ah, the irony.

I <3 art.

“Always be creating.”

Dean’s brain to Dean’s hands


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