Four years ago I tore off a part of me, threw it down on a page and began forging it into a unique creature. I was a god among gods. As I invented his history…tragedy, love, and anger spilled forth constructing a tangible personality. Through the years he grew naturally, but he was also a conduit for other aspects of my own personality, my own frustrations and fears. I was thrilled every time his words came from my mouth, every time his thoughts superseded my own. He was more than a character in a game, he was a beautiful escape.

This Sunday his story will come to an end. And as silly as it might sound, my heart aches at the thought of him disappearing. Of not visiting him every month. Perhaps one day he will return, but for now, I once again have to look inward and find something to tear away. A new life, a new escape, is waiting.

From four years ago:
I am a morning star wielding, tattooed half-elf amnesiac sorcerer who once ate dwarf soup, shoots fireballs at two-headed Ettins for fun, summons monsters like the fierce celestial badger, and has a cat familiar whom I just call Cat, at least until I remember his name.