Years fly by in a maelstrom of change and as I ride alongside it, I continue to uphold the agreement I have with time to continue to metamorphosis into someone I never was and will never be again. It’s this idea, that has been fermenting in my mind for years, that finally gave birth to this new project of mine. Admittingly, it’s nothing extremely original and is powered mainly by my own curiosity, both in the final product and if I can actually pull it off. So simply put, I plan on taking a self-portrait every single day this year and posting here online. I have recruited two others into the mix, Curtis and his lovely girlfriend René. And I welcome you all to attempt this; I think it shall not be easy, but interesting to say the least.

“It is an absolute perfection to get the very most out of one’s individuality.”

—Michel de Montaigne


Current mood: quixotic
Currently reading: Illustrated Brief History of Time/Universe in a Nutshell by Stephen Hawking


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