It began with a tug at the back of my mind, something was off, missing. I had been taking art classes for 20 years straight. Creative projects have always been a part of who I am. However, I was used to instructors constantly throwing projects at me, and now that school was over with, I realized that, for some time now, I haven’t been creating. And it was time for that to change.

l noticed my neglected digital camera collecting dust in the corner. An idea struck. I decided to carry it with me all the time, take a photo every day, and post it online for all my friends to see. I even managed to convince a few to join the project with me.

I quickly decided to create some parameters: In some form or another it would be a self-portrait and would tell a story from my day. And I’d caption each one to help remember those stories years later. Lastly, they all had to look significantly different. What resulted was a lot of fun, work, and my most memorable year ever.