Surfrider Foundation’s mission is the protection and enjoyment of oceans, waves, and beaches through a powerful activist network. They strive for coastal preservation and access, ecosystem protection, wave preservation, and water quality.

Once a month Surfrider Foundation puts up a booth on the boardwalk of one of Socal’s beaches providing bags, gloves, and a few reaching pickup tools in order to empower and inspire people to help clean up their beaches.

This is by far the simplest volunteer work there is, in fact, I urge everyone to do this every time they go to the beach, with or without Surfrider’s help. Always bring a trash bag to beach outings and simply pick up your trash then take some time to search for a little bit more on your way out. The last thing we want is to add even one more Snickers bar wrapper or plastic bag to The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Again, it was as simple as showing up to the booth sometime between 8am and noon, grabbing some bags and walking the beautiful beaches in hunt of vile plastics remnants, and the all too common cigarette butts. Whenever you feel you’ve done your part, race back to the booth where, using Surfrider’s scale, you can satisfyingly compare how much trash you’ve collected. Then go about your day enjoying the beach, knowing you’ve made this amazing paradise just a little bit nicer.

Orientation: No.
Commitment: 1hr. picking up trash. (Length of time is self-determined)
Cost: $0

This entry is part of 2011’s Project 365 – Volunteering 12 places in 12 months.