The 80s are back. For one night only, I invited the 80s to come chill under my roof along with some most excellent friends to honor the decade of my youth. So, I totally broke out the VCR to play my old VHS tapes of The Goonies, Top Gun, and The Lost Boys. It was righteous.

But there was only one movie that inspired my love of martial arts, bonsai trees, and kicking ass — The Karate Kid. However, being blonde and in no way Italian, I had more looks-wise to play Johnny, the antagonist with the most!

My sensei while creating this costume was none other than my own epitome of creativity, my mother. During the 80s, when not raising three hellions, she spent hours sewing and creating many magnificent quilts. This week, she showed me how to pattern out the vest, pin it together, and sew it to completion. A belt and headband were then made out of the remaining fabric. Finally, I burned a few silk screens to use in order to finish off the costume. The party was a huge hit and of course…totally radical.


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