Papercraft has always been my nemesis. Origami interests me, but not much more than learning some basic designs. When I stumbled upon quilling, I was transfixed by the amazing visuals. I began this project excited, with high expectations. It didn’t take long before I despised everything about it.

Quilling is frustration, long, monotonous work. I began with my design and started down a path I wasn’t happy with. But so many hours were already invested, I felt continuing on was better than starting from scratch. Then I began a new job, stripping most of my free time away from my project. It sat for a long while untouched. I would cringe when I would accidentally catch it begging for completion.

I attempted a few times to make it come together, but my heart was no longer with it. So I decided to let it go. These weekly projects are meant to force me into creativity as much as to teach me more about myself. In that, it has succeeded.


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