One artist drove me to brave card catalogs and explore the dusty aisles of my high school library. I wrangled numerous tomes, then slowly I began to absorb the artwork and words of Roy Lichtenstein. It was then I first caught a glimpse of my future self. A future self that had taken the skills I was just beginning to hone and turned himself into an artist. That meeting shaped many choices in my life that eventually lead me here.

At the time I was so into comic books I practically pictured word balloons above peoples’ heads when they talked. So it’s no coincidence that the first time I saw Roy Lichtenstein’s paintings derived from comic panels that I was immediately transfixed. I didn’t know fine art could be so cool.

Through the years, I have wanted to do a Lichtenstein Ben-Day dot painting and this project was slated to be just that. However, due to limited time, I decided to just spec out the project digitally for a future large painting. Still the process of researching comic panels, sketching them out, scanning them, and digitally painting them has been very rewarding.