When I began working at Oakley, the idea that in two months I would be working late building a Mad Max themed derby car in an apartment building’s alley somewhere in Lake Forest with a bunch of other guys from my department whom I had just met, hadn’t really crossed my mind.

That said, it was a blast. This was team building at its finest. Now, I can’t claim I contributed much to the actual building of the beast, its skeleton was forged miles away before I even laid eyes on it. However, I was responsible for creating the graphics and painting its riveted skin.

Once it was complete, the builders of our team, the Web Warriors, lugged our beautiful piece of scrap to the top of a grassy hill and took turns testing its worth. It drove relatively straight and the majority of the parts stayed attached. It was ready, we were ready.

“She sucks nitro with Phase 4 heads! 600 horsepower through the wheels! She is meanness set to music and the bitch is born to run”

—Mad Max