It was bound to happen. This week’s project failed. I came across an Instructables project for a DIY Spray Paint bottle and thought, that would be quick and easy. So I grabbed a soda, acquired some bike parts from a friend, opened up some Sugru, amputated a spray paint can, and went to work.

It did come together quickly, before I knew it I was filling it with paint. I was super excited as I affixed my TARDIS stencil to the wall. Then I pressed down and out came a dribble. The spray nozzle leaked from the bottom, I thought perhaps the paint was too thick, so I watered it down. That didn’t help. So, I gave it more pressure. Nothing, just more dribbling. Finally, getting frustrated I over pumped the bottle and blew the seal. Fed up, I grabbed a real can of spray paint to tag up my neighborhood with a very special police box.

I definitely want to revisit this project someday, maybe try different types of paints or a different nozzle head. Until then, my leftover house paint will continue to be splattered on canvas.


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