D: I Love that Book. You ever read it?

M: No.

D: The protagonist, The Lord of Dream, takes you around through time and worlds where we meet the good, the weird, and the downright terrifying. There are some super cool characters like Lucifer, Shakespeare, a buttload of demons, Augustus Caesar, a dreaming cat, and Death, as this beautifully rad girl who just rocks.

D: What power would Hell have if those imprisoned here would not be able to dream of Heaven?

M: What?

D: It’s a quote from the book. It’s truly full of mesmerizing mythological and philosophical tales that spiral the reader down a metaphysical rabbit hole wherein you are immersed in a surreal kaleidoscope of adventures.

D: It’ll blow your f’n mind!

M: Ah.

Kid: Neil Gaiman is f’n brilliant! Lovecraftian horror and kitten dreams! Wooo!

D: You have to pick it up, the art is amazing, and the story only gets better from here.

D: I mean, you’re totally into that Greek myth and modern gothic fantasy, nightmarish as hell, beautiful fairy tale type of shit…Just look at you.