April 5: _____was inspiring.

John Oliver.


April 9: Where do you feel most at home?

Ummmm. In my home. Here, in this house on Worthington St.


April 11: What sound effect are you most like today?

I spent a good part of my day with an old friend and his family. Jeff, Sonia, and their kids were here visiting from Astoria, Oregon where they moved over ten years ago. They are now preparing to move to France to continue a path they believe has been set forth by their god. Jeff was my second tenant here in my Worthington house. During that time, we became close friends. He also helped produce music for a video I created for a college class. Identity is something I’m still very proud to show even today. So, the sound effect I am most like today is definitely the soft wooaaa, wooaa, wooaaaaaa in the video.


April 14: If you could acquire a talent (without any effort), what would it be?

Can I add points to my charisma? Probably not. Umm, being a better speaker. Is a better memory or photographic memory a talent? If none of these, then music comes to mind. To be a great guitar player or singer. Or both? Give me all the instruments!


April 16: What’s a political issue that interests you?

So many. But recently it was systems of government. Democracy is obviously flawed. But seems to be the best that society has developed so far for such large nation-states. So, either we try to govern only on a smaller scale or we need something new.


April 17: What do you think is your biggest shortcoming?

I overthink things. I see all the paths ahead. Every choice. Every timeline. I want to see, do, and experience everything. And it leaves me paralyzed. So, I end up doing less. Minimal commitments. And a minimized life of just surviving.

Also. My brain’s inability to recall. I feel it’s limited my intelligence. The next thing would be how nervous I get when confronted. My heart practically jumps out of my chest when anyone even slightly is agitated towards me.


April 18: Write down a problem you solved today.

I figured out how I am going to hook up the soaker hose to my in-ground irrigation PVC lines that will water all of my fruit trees.


April 19: What famous person would you bring back from the dead to have dinner with?

I guess this speaks to who I think could best influence me, what am I interested in. It would probably be a philosopher with the obvious answer being Socrates or Plato.


April 20: How many times did you curse today?

Probably none or less than three. Cursing is great. Because these words fucking mean something, they convey some special shit. When assholely cunts overuse them, it’s like crying wolf, they become diluted. And the world becomes a shittier place. Fuck that.


April 21: What do you say when someone asks, “What do you do?”

I create. I design to pay the bills, but I’m an artist. This is usually followed by what’s your medium? To that, I answer, everything. From painting to sculptures, poetry to making stuffed animals, building coffee tables to building gingerbread houses, writing essays to designing landscapes.


April 22: You wish you could stop ________ from happening.

Fallacious thinking. Moreover, I just wish people understood and practiced more logical thinking, put a priority on it, and stopped with the overly biased, emotional, gut responses. Emotions are great, I LOVE emotions! But time and place. We need a healthy balance, we need to understand that it’s dangerous not to think logically, to be skeptical, to be a critical thinker.

April 24: Is life fair? Yes? No? Sometimes? Not today?

Fair is subjective. We imbue life with a fairness based on our expectations. So it’s inherently neither fair nor unfair. That said, there is an imbalance that can be construed as fairness. People are born randomly into situations that are not equal to others. People starve, die, or go through brutal traumas just based on where they happened to be born. This is an unbalanced I fight against. There will, for perhaps a long time, be people that desire things that others have, beauty, fame, wealth. I’m not sure how I feel about that. What is it that truly makes existing fun, exciting, and worth living?


April 27: What “type” of person are you?

I’m a creative. I’m introverted, but really enjoy interacting with others. I’m an intellectual who is aware of how limited my intelligence is and frustrated how I am limited by it. The worst contender being my brain’s ability to recall. I’m someone who studies life, especially people, and picks them apart, taking the best of them and incorporating it into me. I’m someone who wishes he had closer relationships, but either feels that no one sparks that or the ones that do are not interested.


April 28: Who would you trade places with for just one day?

My first instinct is a woman. To really understand how their body feels, to grasp how they are treated. That is if it was just my mind in another’s body. If I could recall and know what they knew afterward, then I’d choose an intellectual of some kind. That said, if we are trading places, conceivably they would go into my body. That makes me want to choose someone I know and trust. It would be interesting and educational to do something like this with a romantic partner.


April 29: Who can make you happier? How?

I don’t necessarily think I’ve met them yet. But when I do, having them just being curious about me, being kind, respectful, and full of love and enthusiasm.


April 30: What are three words that describe your social life?

Underfed, sporadic, and enjoyable.