July 4: [blank] is funny.

Life is funny.


July 5: What is your motto?

Always be questioning.

Runner up: If you’re bored, you’re boring


July 8: What do you have to lose?

My life, my sanity, my memory.


July 9: Today was delightful because [blank].

Everyone that came to my house for Art Day at Dean’s. Rene, Emily, Bob, and Majandra.


July 12: [Blank] is perfect.

Concepts are perfect. Nothing is truly perfect. Perfection is an ideal. We use it as a mark to strive for.


July 13: What are you sentimental about?

The human condition. About how throughout the entirety of human existence, my brothers and sisters have suffered. I’d say in unimaginable ways, but I, unfortunately, have a really good imagination. From physical to emotional pain, my empathy flows through it all. And it’s a weight. Only balanced by the knowledge of the joy and elation that travels alongside it.


July 14: Do you have a secret? More than one?

A secret is something you are deliberately not telling a person or persons. I have been told things in confidence, but I do not hold any secrets myself.


July 15: What is your heroic downfall? Your Achilles’ heel?

Losing faith in the future of humanity.


July 18: What are the ingredients for a perfect day?

A balance of productivity and relaxation.


July 21: Who was the last person to make you angry?

Angry. A rare emotion I have all but done away with. When it comes to people, I am more disappointed. But even that is selfish, “how dare they be someone else than who I wished them to be!” I still have an issue with people who are disrespectful, people who drive in unsafe manors, people who litter, people who are mean to others. They do not make me angry, frustrated perhaps, only because anger isn’t productive. Sit there and stew or do something. Recognize a problem before it gets you angry/upset/perturbed and do something about it. Or not. That’s priorities. Expectations+Priorities. That is the key. Oh. And to answer the question. No idea.


July 24: What’s in your fridge?

Carrots, broccoli, orange juice, almond milk, some salad greens, half an onion, some mushrooms, grilled up chicken, and a bunch of condiments.


July 26: Are you working hard or hardly working?

Working hard.

Working as a contract web designer at PacSun.

Working as an Art Director/Producer at Xenomurf.

Working as a freelance designer.

Working at finding someone to spend my life with.

Working at being a great friend and family member.

Working at fixing this house up.

Working at bettering myself, including yearly projects like this one.


July 27: What can you smell right now?

Nothing. My house. My olfactory sensors seem to have acclimated to my environment.


July 28: Write a phrase to describe your year so far.

The return of 2<3


July 31: Today were you a wallflower or a social butterfly?

The most social thing I did was play DnD via Google Hangouts video chat. So a giant, social, chromatic butterfly with 23 hit-points.