Gloria the Chimp

MediumAcrylic + Oil Pastel + Ink SurfaceStretched Canvas Size12x16 in Year2020 ArtistDAEthington

Gloria, stressed, scared, and malnourished, was rescued after living in horrible conditions for months after losing her mother who was killed for bushmeat. Now, years later, Gloria safely in a sanctuary, gets along with everyone, and loves to play. She is also very independent, spending a lot of her time exploring on her own. Gloria is introspective and seems to absorb all things around her in wonder. Gloria’s gorgeous face, lovely disposition, and sweet little gallop endear her to all she meets.

The search for the perfect image for someone who loves chimpanzees took me down many internet rabbit holes. But when I read Gloria’s story, saw her photo, I knew. Gloria’s personality reminded me of this painting’s recipient: independent, introspective, and endearing. She also lost her mother as well at an early age, as did I, only months ago. Gloria is a very personal piece and will always be a favorite of mine.

All proceeds from the sale of prints will be donated to Gloria’s caretakers, the Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection sanctuary.