Growing up I always thought relationships could be complicated, but they didn’t need to be. With the right synergy, the right pairing, two people would simply meld together into a single entity. Years of searching have shown me that, for me, this is a rare, if not an improbable occurrence. I still do believe dating someone who holds, and mirrors, our own interests is a path towards harmony. Yet if we go too far and date someone too close to ourselves, the relationship can be mundane and fall apart because it lacks interest and any sort of challenge. The thing is, interests evolve.

It’s differences along a theme of recognition that really create the spark. It is the thoughts, actions, interests, desires, and points of view of people unlike me that I find truly exciting and challenging. For I get to learn and share! Sharing ourselves and willing to change with someone. I believe every successful relationship has a bedrock made of eager compromise—holding on to only those things which mean the world to us, being able to let go of the rest, a metamorphosis, a combining of goals, traditions, and values. With the understanding this doesn’t happen quickly or easily, and there will be growing pains.