Karl the Candy Corn

MediumDigital Year2017 ArtistDAEthington

I once worked on a video game as the Art Director, Art Producer, Brand Manager, Graphic Designer, UI/UX designer, and active Creative Director.

In the melee of that creative whirlwind, Karl was born. He is 100% based on my desire to have an adorable, charismatic, fun-loving, homicidal character help out our hero in a pinch. Unfortunately, I left the game before it was completed and Karl left with me.

Karl is the last Candy Corn of his kind, born of the original magical recipe that is now sadly lost, leaving behind only garbage imitations. Karl has devoted his life to hunting down and destroying every last piece of candy corn in the world, and whatever other evil lies in his path.

All proceeds from the sale of prints will be donated to Gloria’s caretakers, the Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection sanctuary.