October 01: What are you a geek about?

Comic books and DnD spring to mind.


October 03: What was the last bad movie you watched?

The Neon Demon (2016)


October 04: In three words describe your love life.

Convoluted. Absent. Hopeful.


October 05: What question makes you anxious?

If anything would it’ll be something along the lines of…How do I want to make a difference?


October 09: You want a new ____.

Pair of lungs. Shortness of breath is the top of my annoying body breakdown issues (TMJ, painful right shoulder)


October 10: Write down the name of someone you had a good conversation with recently.

My friend Amy. We talked about “are pets slaves?” and “what makes a friend?”


October 11: What makes you feel wonderful?

Oh, and love.


October 12: One word for today.

Off. Because there were conversations, actions, and events that were just…off.


October 15: How much time do you spend commuting?

18 minutes one way. From West Brea to Anaheim (PacSun)


October 17: What’s the most valuable thing you own?

“Myself” seems like a trite answer. But so does, “my house.” I’m a collector that doesn’t put a lot of value in my physical possessions. I guess the real answer is my writings, which makes losing years’ worth of journal entries recently, pretty heartbreaking.


October 18: What famous living person would you want to meet for drinks?

Sam Harris


October 20: Who do you count on?

One of my weaknesses, I don’t rely on anyone. I don’t reach out for help, even less than I think most people do. That said, my parents. I don’t open up to them a lot, but I can count on them for almost anything they can give.


October 21: What new word have you learned?

I haven’t. Hummm. Troublesome. Perhaps an idea for next year’s project?


October 22: Write a haiku about your day. (5 syllables/7 syllables/5 syllables)

The clean clothes cometh
Preview of show as art parts
Perspectives served warm

What it means:


Dropped off my art block at Hibbleton Gallery and got to see other’s blocks for the show I’ll miss when I’m in Frank’s wedding.

BBQ at Peter’s with some late-night intellectual discussions. One topic: perspectives.


October 24: How are you? Write it in a rhyming couplet (two lines of verse that rhyme and have the same rhythm)

I am fine.
But not all the time.


October 27: What was the last goofy thing you did?

I danced. Proudly.


October 28: ____ is completely ridiculous.

The world is completely ridiculous.


October 29: Camping or hotel?

Right now, probably camping.


October 30: Are you able to tell when you have enough?



October 31: Halloween plans? What’s your costume?

Last year was awesome being Young Indiana Jones, this year I’m defaulting back to my Dad’s Coast Guard pea coat and cap. I donned it for Saturday’s party as well as tonight when I head over to a freind’s to hand out candy and drink whiskey with friends.