The View-Master

MediumOil SurfaceWood Block Size5x5 in Year2017 ArtistDAEthington

I was asked to participate in a fundraiser for a friend to raise money for hospital bills. An art show at the Magoski gallery would feature works from 100s of local artists all painted on these small 5x5x2 inch blocks. I had two. I decided early on I wanted to pair them, painting and pallet. I chose my View-Master because childhood wonder is part of what keeps me invested in the future. And this device embodied that for me.

So, I had no problem showing this art and selling it, but I wanted to be the buyer. I own 99% of all the art I’ve ever created, and selfishly, I wanted this piece as well. I had not painted in years, I was proud of this. But I was told that even the artist could not reserve their painting. It was an open buy, a ‘first to get there’ situation. At that point, I handed over the painting but did not give them my pallet.

I was unable to attend the event because I was a groomsman in a friend’s wedding the same day. I had a legion of friends instructed to buy it in my stead, but alas, I was told it was gone in the first minutes of the opening. An unknown snagged it first. It’s my only lost work, wherein, I have no idea where or with who it resides. I’ve love to know where it is, or even better buy it back, mainly because I was not quite finished with it yet. No matter, I hope its owner is enjoying it, wherever it may hang.