The Constant Gardener, 2005
After watching this film I read a few reviews. I found these words echoed my own thoughts and insights.

The central metaphor of the film is that of the constant (faithful) gardener, the man who tends to his own world and excludes the tragedy of real life outside the lush and perfect walls of his own creations. It’s a self-defense he practices until sordid tragedy breaks through. And the realization of the gardener is that he doesn’t know, and can never know, what others are experiencing. He is naive, secluded, pristine, innocent. He is lovable and loved, but protected and childlike. His question is how to play a meaningful role, and effect a cosmic solution. And in the gray, drab superficial society of London, there is no answer. In the barren, unforgiving landscape of Africa there is only torture and death. When understood as metaphor, this is not a sappy love story; it is a bleak and uncompromising depiction of the ugly realities of the world. And the constant gardener has only dreams — of the perfect garden and the perfect lover. Neither of these illusions are real, and neither offer any solutions to the grim realities of the world in which we live. Beautiful imagery and wonderful cinematography. Highly recommended.


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