Today, I watched the movie I never made.

Me and You and Everyone We Know creates a world of such believability that’s also full of such ridiculous eccentricities that I fell in love with it instantly. I feel that in a slightly different life this is the type of film I would have created. I won’t go into all the subtleties that made me connect so strongly with this film, although people who know me will no doubt see them for themselves. This flick isn’t for everyone, people who don’t like to feel awkward or always want loose ends tied up or only like happy endings might want to steer clear of this one, go rent the tiresome 40-Year-Old Virgin again. For some reason afterward, I thought of Garden State. Everyone is definitely more of an art film than Garden State, but both left me with a similar feeling. Anyway, I haven’t done this film justice, there are so many wonderful things happening within its 97 minutes, go check it out for yourself.


Currently watching: Me and You and Everyone We Know


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