This week is evolving into one of the best in a long while. On top of everything, tomorrow I become truly whole again. It’s been tough to ignore the fact that I’ve been plagued by an incompleteness this last year. Strange how, although hardly noticeable to the rest of the world, this prolonged issue has made me feel lesser in so many ways, eating away at my self-confidence and worth, a constant reminder every waking minute. But it’s over now. Tomorrow morning I embark on that final trip to the dentist wherein afterward, I will leave with a smile. And my kismet continues, for I already have something else to smile about.

My car: broken, battered, and missing in action. Strange how something as mundane as a vehicle, when taken away, can leave such emptiness. But I could say the same thing for a tooth. The parallels are a bit uncanny and although 2006 held many personal losses, it has only created a canvas for a year of inventiveness and betterment. So, needless to say, after almost six months of wearing its scars and three weeks of me driving a car that was made after I was born, gets awesome gas mileage, and doesn’t announce my presence a half a block away, I’m ready for my ‘bu to come home. It’s kind of like love; when your wants and needs are truly fulfilled they transform into necessities that feed your quintessence and consequently you’re left devastated when you are robbed of them. So, when the prehistoric body shop owner with blackened hands and a cig butt hanging from his lip mumbled at me this morning, “Perhaps Wednesday,” I couldn’t help but smile one of my last plastic smiles.

For anyone coming here looking for smiles, I’ve got you covered:


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