I saw a scary movie today.

I usually don’t like movies that are based around adultery or cheating. They are usually disturbing, contrived, and generally in poor taste. Plus, I don’t subscribe to cheating. It’s, by far, the vilest thing to do someone you love, like, or even care about a fraction. Now, I have never engaged, nor encountered this wronging first hand (as far as I know), so perhaps my thoughts are unequipped to truly comprehend these situations. I’ve stood unwavering by my hypothetical convictions for many years, and then I watched a movie on cheating that reminded me…of me. It disturbed me.

While I’ve never cheated. I have lied. I truly despise my capacity to lie. I’ve lied occasionally throughout my life, like most people I suppose, and the terrible truth is that only a few times were these lies motivated by unselfish thoughts. Every lie I’ve ever told reigns over who I’ve become, but there was one that changed me completely. It wasn’t that the lie was so terrible, in fact, it was trivial, but it was the fact I lied to someone I loved. A simple, innocent, well-intentioned, deception compounded into something wicked and dangerous. It still haunts me today. The only positive spin is that it shined a light on part of my nature I had never seen before, offered me a chance to change. And change I did. This, combined with my many thoughts on this metamorphose into adulthood, is why I thoroughly enjoyed the movie — The Last Kiss.

“It’s what you do to the people you say you love…it’s the only thing that counts.”

The Last Kiss


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