So, I went over to my friends Bruce and Kelly’s home for a Cinco de Mayo fiesta extravaganza…and before taking shots of cheap 50-year-old tequila, drinking a dozen redbull/vodkas and staying up until dawn having drunken philosophical discussions, I took some pictures with my phone. Including an epic battle…

Okay, awhile back I was lucky enough to make friends with a great family from just a happy couple to a triad of love, full of screaming, sleepless nights, and poop. Lots of poop. That was almost two years ago. Now, their little raisin of a baby has sprouted into a walking, talking bundle of cuteness. It’s been fascinating and insightful considering everyone I know is popping out babies of their own this year. If you doubt this baby’s cuteness, of course I’ve taken the photos to prove it to you.

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