There is something nostalgic about the phrase, “first day of school”. For me it brings back exciting memories of reuniting with friends after a summer long absence, mom taking pictures, and meeting my new teachers. The reality of my pending graduation finally hit me today when I realized that this was my last first day of school. Nothing too eventful happened in class except for the heightened awareness that I’ll never again have that rush of excitement when you discover who is in your class for the first time or the monotony of the teacher reading over the syllabus word for word. It’s strange, I’ve been in school longer than anyone I know and as much as I’m ready to move on, I’m truly going to miss it. A lot of it, I believe, is the fact I feel like every semester I learn so much and grow tremendously as a person. I guess I am just a little scared that might end. School forces you to learn, and it has continually forced me to be creative and expand on that creativity to levels I would never have thought possible. I don’t have a whole lot of creative friends, so I’m a bit worried I am going to lose that spark. I read once that if an artist’s painting is never seen by anyone then it cannot be called art. Art must be seen in a social context. It’s this context that I need; I need to be involved with creative people in order to jump-start my own creativity. This semester I am involved in a fine art video class and it should prove a fitting finale to my long and prestigious list of fine art courses that I’ve taken over the years. In class today, as I watched films from previous students, I was amazed at how talented they were. It inspired me as I secretly thought how I could do something better. It also made me think about the last movie I saw and how disappointed I was with it.

Woody Allen. I’ve always found him fascinating and love him or hate him, he makes movies like nobody else. So, needless to say, I was very excited when going to see his newest creation, Match Point. It was unlike any Woody Allen film I have ever seen. He does not star in it, it does not take place in New York, and it is not even slightly comedic. Of course, none of that bothered me. I try to never have any expectations when watching a movie. Match Point, I’ll admit, is beautifully shot and did have a few great lines that were without a doubt, pure Woody. That said, the characters are never very likable and I couldn’t care less when bad things happened to them. The acting is a smidge above average with one of my favorites, lil miss Johansson, whose character, due to some shoddy writing, is completely unbelievable. I’m not saying this is a terrible movie, but I felt the writing fell a little short. And the worst part is that it has such a great central theme about how chance and luck are what make up the events in life and that sometimes the bad guys get away with it or true love is lost because you left one minute too late. Everything happens for a reason. And that reason is chance.

I must say that phrase, “Everything happens for a reason” seems to be stalking me. And what is worse is, I hate it immensely. I hate it primarily because it makes no sense. Of course, things happen for a reason! How else would things happen? But I understand, people really mean things happened because things were meant to turn out this way. Or almost as bad is the phrase, “Everything turned out for the best.” Okay, I’m totally an optimist, but even I know that neither of these things are true! This is just brainwashing yourself into thinking you made the right decision and the only reason you would need to do that is if you need to delude yourself. It’s only one sidestep away from believing in fate, where you take no responsibility for your actions. Ah, people, you are where you are because of three things, decisions you’ve made, decisions that others have made, and natural occurrences. Of course, this is just my opinion and according to some guy at school today, I’m going to hell.

Well, I might be going to hell, but in the meantime, I’m living out a ’70s sitcom right here in my own house. Yup, call me Jack Tripper! I just recruited my new roommate all the way from the not so island-like Rhode Island. She’s a great addition to the house and I must say it’s strange having people back in the house again after almost a month all by my lonesome.

In other (trivial) news:

My new cell phone is spectacular and I received my first few text messages, took my first cell phone pictures, and discovered I own the trendiest cell phone on the planet. I don’t care though because I’ll still have it when it is the most outdated one too.

Chinese New Year was the other day and I celebrated it by not going to the gym. I also discovered why there are so many Chinese wandering the earth. It goes a little like this. A red envelope contains money. In the new year, married people have to give these red envelopes to single people. In order to not lose money on this transition, it is in their best interests to start poppin’ out kids as soon as possible so they can start collecting money. This whole thing just promotes baby-making! And that’s why the Chinese are going to take over the world. Unless the bonobos do it first.

I saw Kingdom of Heaven. My review goes like this: Don’t see it.
I blame Orlando Bloom entirely for this review.

I have a problem with the grocery store. It irks me to buy stuff at regular price when last week it was on sale. Especially when I know that it is going to be on sale next week or perhaps tomorrow. And it’s always the same stuff! So now I refuse to buy stuff unless it is on sale, it makes shopping kind of interesting, I never know what I’m going to buy.

It’s been 20 years since I saw the Challenger blow up with the rest of my schoolmates and I just ran across this article written by James Oberg, a NASA Mission Control operator, and an orbital designer. A very interesting read.

Lastly, the box that holds all the memorabilia of my life is almost full. For some reason this made me think about my upcoming birthday which made me think about my entire life which made me think about how I remember my entire life which made me think about a book. Specifically, how life is like a book and how we can divide our lives into chapters where major changes and events lead to a new… ummm chapter. Anyway, I only mention this because I feel I’m in transition and don’t really know if this is the end of one chapter or the beginning of a new one. I guess we’ll just wait and see.

“Take me to the magic of the moment on a glory night; Where the children of tomorrow dream away in the wind of change; Walking down the street distant memories are buried in the past forever.”

—Scorpions (Wind of Change)

“Every person you encounter, whom you interact with, is there to teach you something. Sometimes it may be years before you realize what each has to show you.”

—Raymond E. Feist (Rise of a Merchant Prince)


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