I’ve sat through many nights so engrossed in a novel that time virtually disappears. However, one author, in particular, transports me utterly and completely beyond all others. The irony is I’ve never ventured into reading the genre of novels that has brought him his fame and notoriety. He is Stephen King, the Master of Horror Fiction.

I was handed “The Gunslinger” by my friend Jeff in the Fall of ’97. King’s venture into Fantasy Fiction. The book was interesting, but slow and not too compelling. He told me to read the second book, “The Drawing of the Three”, before rushing to a judgment. I did. It was unbelievable, and so were the books in the series that followed. But the book I just finished isn’t (directly) part of the Gunslinger series, which everyone should read. The book I finished was the follow-up to another fantastic book, which together, completes an awesome adventure. I’m referring to “The Talisman” and “Black House.” In these books, there are such vivid, well fleshed-out characters that are immersed in such a fantastical story that it completely consumes the reader. Damn, am I building it up too much? Sometimes it’s difficult to explain something so deeply affecting that I believe only a great novel can give you. And unlike any other forms of entertainment, a novel is the truest escapism.

Now, people always say when referring to a movie, “The book was better.” These people obviously don’t understand the nature of the novel to that of a movie. There is no comparison. Novels have the uniqueness of transporting you farther away than any movie. This is due partly because you must commit to the physical act of reading and comprehension which is unlike film & television where light is blasted at your yawning eyes, numbing up your mind, and does not care if you comprehend it or not. Ah, look at me and my ranting.

I came here to say two things.

1) Read.
2) Read “The Talisman” and “Black House.”
1.42) Read all the Gunslinger Books.
1.76) Eat tater tots.


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