After I began watching House of Sand and Fog and started picking up the gist of the storyline, my stomach started turning in knots. From the very start, you know bad things are going to happen because it’s stupid people making stupid mistakes. And that’s exactly what happens.

Before I say anymore, let me state that the performance by Ben Kingsley is flawless as usual, Jennifer Connelly is okay, just not very believable in her role. However, the worst is Ron Eldard; the awkwardness of his performance is distracting and destroys any believability of romance between him and Jennifer Connelly.

That said, I ended up really enjoying this movie. It starts out a little slow and contrived, but it took me to a place that I didn’t think it could after watching the first 45 minutes. No character in this movie manages to escape unscathed and ultimately neither does anyone who watches it. Prepare yourself for a riveting ending, where you will realize that all the things we think are so very important, ultimately don’t matter.


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