I was cheated. First, if you don’t watch older movies you’re doing yourself a great disfavor. And if you ever want a list of some top-notch movies sans color, let me know.

That said, let me tell you one to avoid. I just watched The Apartment and was extremely disappointed. I was even more shocked when I found out it was 1961’s Oscar and Golden Globe winner for best picture with a lot of other wins and nominations.

First, let me say I’m a big fan of Jack Limon and his acting was great in this picture along with the ever captivating and surprisingly short-haired Shirley MacLaine. But I just didn’t buy into any of it. The story begins disturbingly with many businessmen committing adultery and using our protagonist’s apartment to do it. And it’s not till the end of the movie that he ends up having a problem with it. Not to mention the lack of romance between our two romantic leads throughout the entire movie. It is only in the final moments of the film that MacLaine decides she is in love with the wrong man, but only AFTER she hears that Limon has quit his job for her. Bah, poor movie and a waste of my time. I’m watching My Fair Lady tomorrow and praying it doesn’t let me down.

If you’re interested in a great romantic classic movie try Charade, His Girl Friday, The Lady Eve, The Palm Beach Story, Roman Holiday, An Affair to Remember, or even Arsenic and Old Lace. Just forget about The Apartment.


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