Headaches have been something that occasionally crept up on me every few months and then after a Tylenol or two, they would go back into hibernation. I always found it curious when people complained about constant migraines and having headaches every day. I never knew I should have the utmost sympathy for them, until now. Not since high school pole vaulting have I taken painkillers like I have this last week. And back then, it was only because I was repeatedly shot through the air from upwards of 18 feet, occasionally hitting the metal standards before bouncing off the pole vault mats and onto the unforgivably hard ground to then be run over by a pack of long-distance runners that just happened to be strolling by.

But I digress — it must be the headaches. These headaches are hampering my ability to think clearly, work effectively and are draining whatever energy I have left. I know exactly what is causing them and my only solace is that in early June they might recede a little or even dissipate completely. However, I’m scared what may happen afterward, what kind of pain and repercussions will appear? And there is always the chance, although quite slim, that that day in June will be my last. Bah, at this point I don’t care, the constant throbbing and headaches are killing me just the same.


Current mood: grumpy


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