I raise the axe above my head as the rain that beats down on me intensifies. Exhaling, I let gravity and my muscles take over. The impact jars my soul and a smile escapes. The rain attacks me from all angles; like an animal protecting its offspring. Sweat and rain fuse into one, sabotaging me as the axe slips repeatedly out of my grip, creeping into my eyes, and beating against my body. Thunder rips through the purple skies like a sonic boom as I strike the final blows. Finally, in primal fashion, I throw down my tool and take matters into my own hands. I seize the stump and pull, and then with a quiet snap, it is over. I toss the remains in a pile with the rest of the tree. As the last of today’s sun perishes in the distance, tranquility rushes over me. Exhausted and waterlogged, I slop over to the back door—two inches taller. I glance down at my feet, they are more mud than shoe now. I kick them off and cross back over into this other world.


Current mood: calm


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