Recently, I made a promise to seriously focus on my burgeoning career. This is mainly because I have been neglecting and avoiding the reality of my impending graduation. I must say, looking back, the last few years have been a whirlwind of change and growth. Throughout, I’ve had to make many tough choices and discovered myself all over again. The last few months I have been doing some serious soul searching and life contemplation. I’m looking back at my life as a bunch of puzzle pieces that are finally starting to come together and form what will, in the end, become my life.

Now, I am at a most critical crossroads in my career and the decisions I make will determine, in a large part, how the rest of my life will turn out. Therefore, I find myself asking what I ultimately want from this career, from relationships, and from life. I feel I’ve come so far and grown so much, from even as little as a year ago. It’s a scary thought to actually consider yourself an adult and also to accept and undertake the responsibilities that come with the role. As many of you know, this year so far has been a series of struggles that have challenged me to assume more and more the adult role I’ve been shunning. It’s been a long, difficult path, but on the eve of becoming three decades old, I’m truly beginning to see the endless possibilities before me.

Alright, see ya around.


Current mood: optimistic

As for myspace. I’m keeping this page as a placeholder until I return. I’ll still write blogs but after this entry, they will only be accessible if you are my preferred list. Thanks for all the friend requests, if you want to be my friend please submit one, but for now, I’m going to hold off on accepting them. I won’t be checking this account everyday, so if you need to get a hold of me, ask and I’ll give you my new email. Alright, see ya around.