Portland, Or

Day 43

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

I wake to my mom curious as to when I’m coming home. As I said goodbye to Izzy, I made the decision. This is a perfect end to an utterly fantastic 42-day adventure. It’s time to go home.

So, I grab a pizza and on this American anniversary, I head back into the clutches of nationalism. I get to Portland at the perfect time, Curtis and Rene’s familiar faces and welcoming arms dissolve any regret that might have lingered. As the fireworks began, I was reminded that connections are what I am all about. I don’t believe I was in the right headspace to spend a grip of days in the Great White North all alone, especially with the last half of my trip being friendless.



Placerville, CA

Day 44

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Saying goodbye to great friends and to the Pacific Northwest. I drive.

And I drive.

Hey look, a mountain!

And I keep driving.

All day I drive.

Hey look, friends!



Brea, Ca

Day 45

Friday, July 6, 2018

Saying goodbye to great friends and to Northern California. I drive.

And I drive.

And I keep driving.

All day driving.

Hey look, Home!



Saturday, July 7, 2018

I sit here at Home. One night after I have returned.

I ran away these past 45-days. Away from a place I’ve called home most of my life. And while I didn’t explore as far as I had planned, my days were dense with profound experiences. Many times on this journey I felt grateful and guilty, wishing everyone could have these adventures. I said before, I love other people, different perspectives, and introspective conversations. That I want to learn and grow from others and to share myself, as open and honestly as I know-how. With this, I believe I succeeded tenfold.

And now, back safe in this comfortable space I have constructed, I sit with a different perspective, and I look to the future. My future. And a seed of thought has germinated in the lush soil of my trip. As I thought it might. After years of cultivating this home, it’s time for a new chapter. These new cities and new people have shown me contrasts and opportunities. And I’m invigorated and terrified to take the first steps to move on from this sleepy little north Orange county town and my beautiful home I’ve made here.

But it seems like it’s time to run away, permanently. And really see how it all gets rebuilt.

Final route