I’m on drugs.
Listening to Norah Jones.
So. This won’t be very coherent.
Because of the drugs, not Norah Jones.
So I figured I should tell everyone: I survived.

And so far the aftermath exceeds June’s venture tenfold in the amount of pain, disorientation, and swelling. October 24 really doesn’t exist for me except for a brief car ride, a few moments where I was struggled to drink a Jamba Juice, and fading in and out of consciousness listening to Animal Planet. Got to love them bonobos.

I awoke from my drug-induced slumber only because my face was pounding with every heartbeat. A bit dazed and confused, I look around for my mom who was just there. Just there being about 10 hours ago when apparently she told me she was leaving and to give her a call if I need anything. Yeah, it was now 1am. So I took some drugs. I then stumbled off the couch and almost broke my head. It seems my legs weren’t quite ready to do their intended job of, you know, standing. Luckily my arms were up to their duties as they caught me before my head slammed into my coffee table. Then I managed to find my brain and turn it on just enough to compute where I was and why I felt like a Sumatran Asian Elephant had stepped on my face. Once that was done, I proceeded to haul myself to the kitchen and somehow cook some scrambled eggs. I also threw in some sausage because I was in need of a pork fix after an amazing (pork-infused) breakfast at the Stewart’s this past weekend. Plus, after not eating for an entire day I was quite ravenous. This is where the drugs kick in and I really don’t recall what I’ve been doing for the last few hours. Planning to go to work in the morning. That should be pretty funny. Take care.


Current mood: drugged
Currently listening: Come Away with Me by Norah Jones


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