Every time I try, I fail. Okay maybe not every time, but recently it feels that way. In those times my mind turns to me and says, “Hey buddy, this is normal, people fail. So this is not going to happen. Just sit back and revel in your inconvenience and then move on.”

However, even after these wise words from my subconscious filter to the surface, my overly-stimulated brain still has the momentary flash wherein I feel a little sorry for myself. It’s amazing what a tremendous shot to the ego and self-esteem it is when you lose something as simple as your smile. (It’s also amazing how ugly someone looks without a front tooth and I sort of feel terrible for all those times I took a pen to photos of people in magazines and made them toothless pirates. Okay, not really.)

However (part 2), every time I even start to have the inkling to go, “boohoo poor me!”, something happens. Something happens that makes me realize once again how fortunate I am. The most recent item is simply a documentary. Born into Brothels is the film I want to encourage you all to pick up. I’ve been on sort of a documentary kick these days after rewatching a Thin Blue Line (it’s super goood — watch it), but Brothels really hit me hard. It stopped me, cold in my tracks, forever feeling sorry for myself ever again and it also made me want to really make a difference in people’s lives. I’ve asked the question of myself many times before, “Have I ever really changed someone’s life for the better?” And indirectly, I’m sure most people have. But I want more. I need more.

This film brought the idea to the front of my brain — I could do more, a feeling that I’m supposed to do more. Also, after achieving a few of my life goals this year, I find it high time to make some new ones. So, if you’re looking for a compelling, tragic, interesting, touching, inspiring real film — pick up Born into Brothels.

*Some other great documentaries: Murderball, Grizzly Man, Comedian, Super Size Me, Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11, Dogtown and Z-Boys & Seven Up (the whole Up series actually).


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