24 hours later and I still feel like someone took a baseball bat to the right side of my face. The surgery itself was actually pretty fun, trying to stay awake as they pushed the anesthesia into my IV, talking normally to the nurses and slowly slipping into a gibberish babble and of course the oxygen delivering a feeling of exuberant elation. Later though, the pain settled in and I spent the rest of my day on the couch with an ice pack plastered to my face. As the effects of the anesthesia wore off my equilibrium and coordination were the only things left affected, as I still can’t walk very straight and occasionally run into walls — it’s all actually quite humorous. I’m still in some pain and feel a bit lightheaded, but that could be due to the meds they have me on. Overall, everything went as it should and now I’m on the long road to recovery.


Current mood: uncomfortable
Currently listening: I Megaphone by Imogen Heap


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