This is one of the better surveys I’ve seen.

I Live: a life of pure chance.

I Work: at becoming the best I can be.

I Talk: to myself.

I Wish: I had answers to the question I don’t know.

I Enjoy: when the voices are quiet.

I Look: too hard at everything.

I Find: that life is totally random.

I Smell: the repetition of scents.

I Listen: to the lies and wish they were true.

I Hide: behind masks that I forgot were there.

I pray: there is a higher power other than me.

I Walk: with the ghosts of my past.

I Write: to remember.

I See: a world that may not exist.

I Sing: a song that will never be finished.

I Laugh: to forget.

I Can: become someone to look up to.

I Watch: the world destroy itself.

I dream: of things that could never be.

I Want: to be inspirited.

I Cry: when I am most alive.

I Love: when I am most vulnerable.

I Sometimes: think there is something better.

I Touch: peoples hearts occasionally.

I Hurt: every day.

I Fear: that I will be forgotten.

I Hope: I am not alone.

I Break: down and rebuild myself constantly.

I Quit: saying never.

I Drink: and I am at peace.

I Hug: every chance I get.

I See: things as I am, not as they are.

I Miss: everything.

I Forgive: myself.

I Drive: in circles with no clear destination.

I Have: strength and willpower but no guidance.

I Don’t: feel enough.

I Kiss: when I am overcome.

I Believe: that all supposedly selfless acts are entirely selfish.

I Feel: anger is the most useless emotion.

I Know: there’s only one instant, and it’s right now.

I wonder: when I will stop believing in the unbelievable.


Current mood: hungry
Currently listening: S.C.I.E.N.C.E. By Incubus